Episode 291: I’m Talkin. . .Delight

I’m Talking, episode 291 for November 12th, 2023.

This is Joel from the I’m Talking microcast, where I share my thoughts on a topic that has piqued my interest this past week.

This week we’re talking delight.

Delight is kind of a simple word, I guess, but it packs a lot of meaning.

I think it’s almost fun to say, delight.

It just makes things seem brighter, but the question is, how do we experience that?

How and what delights us?

Are there things that delight that we thought would, and they do, but only momentarily?

Or is there anything that will delight going forward, like more permanently?

Are there things that we thought would delight, and then in the end, they really don’t?

What’s really interesting to think about is, is something being a delight important, or is it kind of a pie in the sky?

It’s just always momentary.

It’s always fleeting.

It’s something that we’re trying to chase.

One might delight in family for a moment, but then there are personalities that conflict.

One might delight in grandchildren momentarily, but then they misbehave.

One might delight in a new purchase of some kind, or maybe a new job, or maybe who knows what.

A favorite team winning a sport might be a delight, but they all seem to be momentary, and therein lies the challenge for those of us who call ourselves Christians.

As Christians, we know from the Bible that God wants us to live a full life, an abundant life, he says.

If we are to do that, we must find delight in all kinds of things, and be able to hold on to it, and be able to make it last.

As people, as humans, we probably can’t do that in our own power.

It becomes impossible.

What do we do?

God has not promised us abundance in the form of happy, happy, happy, but abundance and delight in the form of joy.

The idea there is that we find delight in things that we do, in places we live, in people we interact with, on an ongoing basis, and we continue to look for those things because that’s what God tells us to do.

God delights in us as well.

He likes the things that we do when we serve him, and it makes him happy when we serve others.

It is a delight to see people following Jesus Christ, and he recognizes that in us, and we need to recognize that in other people.

If we can find delight in the things of the day, in the creation that is before us, in the people who are around us, in the situations that confront us, if we are able to find delight, all of a sudden Christians look bright.

All of a sudden Christians look joyful.

All of a sudden people want to be like us, and it’s only because we find delight in our Creator, Jesus Christ.

Until next week, this is Joel from the I’m Talking Microcast.