Episode 292: I’m Talkin. . .Sudden

I’m talking episode 292 for November 19th 2023 this is Joel from the I’m talking microcast where I share my thoughts on a topic that has piqued my interest this past week this week we’re talking sudden we all know that we live in a now kind of world where we don’t want to wait for things and we’re impatient and things move at the speed of whatever they move at whatever moves fast I guess maybe the speed of light but we don’t really think about things that happen sudden and it’s it’s not so much that they happen in a hurry but it’s when something is sudden it may be unexpected it may be abrupt and the question is in a now kind of world and give me what I want kind of world are we ever surprised by things that are sudden or do we just take them in stride and then you start thinking about what happens in a sudden what are the things that happen usually they may be disasters or maybe uncontrollable things like maybe car accidents or lightning strikes or storms whatever it may be but then we lose some of the awe of sudden because we are expecting things to happen so quickly so therein lies the challenge for those of us who call ourselves Christians because we feel like the world needs to be prepared for Jesus to return and we say it could happen anytime but people see the world going on every day and nothing really changing in fact that has been a challenge for Christianity for ages but I think the thing that we try to get across as Christians is there is no guarantee that sudden is not going to happen there is no way to know how much time you have to make critical decisions there is no way to know if you can wait for a better time whatever that looks like or whatever that really means the reality is that the Bible says that Jesus is going to come back and it’s going to be sudden and it’s going to be a surprise and they’re going to be people who are not ready and what we need to do as Christians is to do everything we can to let people know that urgency is important because sudden is going to happen and it’s a hard thing to do and it’s hard to convince people but we need to keep beating that drum because if we want people to go to heaven with us they need to make a decision now because sudden is going to happen until next week this is Joel from the I’m talking microcast a couple of weeks back my mother went to the hospital and she was told that she had cancer and the doctor said it was aggressive and so I just wanted to do a little ode to my mom a great woman of God a prayer warrior to the end a blessing to her family to her children and to her grandchildren and her great grandchildren and from the time we found out she was sick it was just outside of two weeks that she lived and she passed peacefully holding on to the hand of a son and a granddaughter and she is now with the Lord and it brings to mind the word sudden which is why I spoke on that in the microcast that you heard already that being said I just want my listeners to know that I love my mom and I will miss her dearly but I also love who she loved and I love why she loved and I know she is now pain-free healed in a way we cannot imagine with her Savior Jesus Christ in heaven