Episode 302: I’m Talkin. . .Holy Spirit

I’m talking, episode 302 for January 28th, 2024.

This is Joel from the I’m Talking microcast, where I share my thoughts on a topic that has piqued my interest this past week.

This week we’re talking Holy Spirit.

You want to talk about a word, actually, it’s two, but I guess it’s a name, so maybe we can count it.

But there’s something that is only really used in church, Holy Spirit.

Nobody else talks about the Holy Spirit unless they are in church.

And then we don’t often hear mention of the Holy Spirit even there, because I’m not really sure why.

It’s not so much that the Holy Spirit is ignored, but maybe ends up being pushed aside because the Holy Spirit is not fully understood.

And I’m not here to say I fully understand the Holy Spirit, because if I did, then I would say I fully understand God, because they are one in the same.

And I would fully understand Jesus, because they are one in the same.

And that will come up in another microcast, I’m sure.

But I think that the Holy Spirit gets a little bit pushed aside, I guess, and kind of an afterthought.

And obviously that’s wrong.

That’s not as intended.

The Holy Spirit has the same attributes as God.

He has no beginning.

He has no end.

He’s been there always.

And it’s interesting to think sometimes that you don’t understand where the Holy Spirit fits into this.

But when you look at creation, it was like, I think often I hear it planned by God, powered by the Holy Spirit, worked through the words of Jesus Christ, or something like that.

And the fact is that all three of those entities are involved in everything that happens in our world, everything that happened in the universe, from the beginning of time, from before the beginning of time, from creation to yesterday to tomorrow.

And the fact is that the Holy Spirit plays a huge part, just as God does, just as Jesus does.

And I think it’s best wrapped up with the words of Jesus to his disciples.

These are his friends.

These are men that have followed him for years, and they do not want to see him leave.

They feel like they could be lost, and they feel like they haven’t had enough training, and all kinds of doubts might be going through their minds.

And Jesus says to them, if I don’t leave, then the helper will not come.

So Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, they have a plan.

And the plan is for Jesus to die on the cross, come back from the dead, and then ascend to his rightful place on the throne next to God the Father.

And in that, he provides a helper, and that is in the form of the Holy Spirit.

So we have the power of God inside of us, and we have that in the name and the power and the person of the Holy Spirit.

So let’s not forget that exists.

Let’s not push it aside because it seems weird to talk about the Holy Spirit.

Let’s not ignore the fact that the Holy Spirit exists.

Let’s embrace it.

As Christians, we have the responsibility to embrace all of Scripture, to embrace all of who God is, and to embrace all of who Jesus is, and that means to embrace all of who the Holy Spirit is.

It might feel uncomfortable at times bringing him up.

It might feel strange at times talking about the Holy Spirit.

Just the name is kind of weird.

Why do we want to talk about spirits?

But the reality is, he is part of what makes Christianity work.

He is part of what makes God who God is, what makes Jesus have the ability to do what he does.

He is every bit God as much as Jesus is, as much as God is, and as Christians, we need to learn to embrace that.

And if it makes us uncomfortable, spend more time in God’s Word.

Spend more time thinking about the Holy Spirit.

Learn what the Word has said about him, and embrace the fact that the Holy Spirit gives us power to live the Christian life.

Until next week, this is Joel from the I’m Talking Microcast.