Episode 305: I’m Talkin. . .Salvation

I’m talking episode 305 for February 17th, 2024.

This is Joel from the I’m Talking microcast, where I share my thoughts on a topic that has piqued my interest this past week.

This week we’re talking salvation.

Salvation is not really a churchy word, not as much as the other ones I’ll be doing or the ones I’ve already done, but it still holds a significant place and really has a different meaning.

The world does use the word salvation, but it just doesn’t hold the same context.

I was trying to think of ways they might use it, and one of the things that jumped into my head is a lifeguard at a beach or at a swimming pool, where they are there to offer salvation when it is needed.

And I thought, that actually fits pretty well with how we see it as Christians, and therein lies our challenge.

What does salvation mean?

In my book, it says the first thing we need to recognize is that I am a sinner, that I need to recognize, and that I am in need of a savior.

So there is the lifeguard reference.

And until that is a recognition in my life, then salvation becomes just another word.

It has no real meaning in the Christian essence.

It has no power, but when you realize that the answer for your sin is not within yourself, you can’t be good enough.

When you realize you need saving, when you realize you are sinking deep in sin, isn’t that what the old hymn says, far from the peaceful shore?

That’s when you recognize the importance of salvation.

So what does that look like?

Well, to me, I thought of a couple things.

First, it’s provision that has to be there for us.

And who does that providing?

Well, that is done through God.

And how did he do that?

Well, he sent his son so that he would die for our sins.

The perfect sacrifice, the perfect lamb, sinless person, redemption of sins and salvation cannot happen without the shedding of blood.

And so God has provided that through us, through the death of Jesus Christ.

And then the salvation process becomes completed through the resurrection.

And so when we believe that Jesus is the son of God, that he actually died on the cross, that he rose again, then we are on the precipice of salvation.

When we take that into our hearts, when we choose that as our truth, when we recognize the word of God as the result of people writing, inspired by God, and he’s totally in control, and we need that in our lives, then we have come to salvation.

And only then.

It’s not a part-time thing.

It’s not a when-I-want-to thing.

It is when we know, I’m a sinner in need of a savior.

God provided the perfect sacrifice in his Son, who died for me, resurrected to life again so I can have salvation and live eternally with him.

Until next week, this is Joel from the I’m Talking Microcast.