This week I am going to attemp to answers last week’s questions.

You can review the questions here.

The easy answer is to be lead by the question posed and answer either yes or no depending on what you believe. Most of the questions lead me to a yes answer with just a couple leading to a no answer. But I think I need to go into more depth than a simple affirmative or denial. I may not address each question individually but if you read or listen to the entire post/episode you will get the answer to each posed question.

The basics of my belief are that God is the sovereign creator of the universe and all it contains. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and He came to earth, lived a perfect life, died for me that I might have a relationship with Him and live eternally with Him in heaven when I die. I believe that the Holy Spirit is the third member of the trinity and all three, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one and yet three.

I believe that the Bible is God’s inerrant word and is the only eternal, never changing truth. The Bible was written by man, inspired by God and breathed out through the work of the Holy Spirit.

I know and understand that not all (maybe few) hold the same beliefs as I and therefore will have a different point of view when answering the questions I posed last week. However, the basis of all my questions and the answers below are that my actions in life must reflect my beliefs or I am being hypocritical. The reality is that if God is truth then I do not have the right or the ability to change Him and so, therefore, I must change to reflect Him. Disregarding what people think of me or how they treat me I have no other choice but to follow what I believe is true from God’s word.

What in the world does this mean? Well, it means that I am not my own. I belong to Jesus Christ who paid for me through the shedding of His blood. My life is not my own but belongs to God. Therefore, I must conform to His word, to His truth and to His character. Some will see this as prison, closed minded and naive. I, however, believe that in this life I have found freedom like non-other.

I have the freedom to live, pure and simple. I have the freedom to forgive when wronged. I have the freedom to let others have an opinion that is different than mine. I have the freedom to love all people regardless of their actions or beliefs. I have the freedom to serve the downtrodden and mis-understood. I have the freedom to see all people, including myself, as imperfect sinners looking for a way. I have the freedom to show others that Jesus is that way and let them choose.

I have the freedom to not judge because not everyone will see Jesus life and truth as I do. I am heartbroken when they reject Jesus because I know the freedom He provides. However, my role is not to judge or condemn. That is left to God’s word, the Bible, and Him alone. I can agree with God’s judgement as it is written in scripture but I am not to wield that as a club to punish. That is not my right or responsibility.

There is a line, however, where I do have the right and responsibility to help others see the errors of their life. That line happens when a person gives their life to Christ. If a person calls themselves a Christian but fails to live according to God’s Holy Word then I am part of a family that assists in correcting that direction. God is still the truth and judge. We as the Family of God help each other to understand His truth and live accordingly. When I stray, others in the Family of God, can lovingly come along side me and show me the errors of my current path. This is the best part of family. God’s family or any other. Children are best raised to be their best when they are guided.

So, when an authority, be it parent, boss, government, court or judge, rule in such a way that I feel offended I have the freedom to live and love because it is not about me. I have already surrendered my identity to Jesus Christ. When rulings or law oppose the Bible I must follow God because He is the ultimate authority. If the result is a removal of my freedoms or life than I am required to make that sacrifice.

If you are even a little curious about what that kind of life looks like, don’t look at me. I will disappoint and fail because I am not perfect but a sinner. Spend time in God’s word, the Bible. Read about Jesus and how he lived. See how he approached, religious leaders, government and the people of His day. See His love and sacrifice. See His giving and serving. See Him do life differently than any human on the face of the planet. There is no denying His body of work.

Many will claim that Jesus was a good, moral teacher and be far from the truth He proclaims. He claimed to be the Son of God. He claimed to have created the universe. He claimed the truth of His death and resurrection. That is not a good man. That is either a lunatic of the highest order or the actual Son of God. You get to choose. I have made that choice and regardless of whether you choose the same as I I have the freedom to love you.

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